Scars Left Behind: By Any Means Rammy Black (Casey)


Published: February 18th 2014

Kindle Edition

207 pages


Scars Left Behind: By Any Means  by  Rammy Black (Casey)

Scars Left Behind: By Any Means by Rammy Black (Casey)
February 18th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 207 pages | ISBN: | 10.36 Mb

As a young fourteen-year-old African American five-month pregnant girl, I was nearly killed by my Mother. Scars were left behind when my Mother put me in the New York Foundling Hospital for pregnant young girls. I was pretty much on my own. I didn’t have a Father figure growing up- because my daddy died the day before I turned four years old.I didn’t have a Mother figure- because my mother’s alcoholism led her to be abusive to her children, and the ones around her.My Mother didn’t teach me about the facts of Life, and my brother’s and sister’s weren’t sibling figures- because they were older, and into themselves.Throughout my Trails and Tribulations in my Life, I left Scars behind from my peers and the bullies.During my Journey, I didn’t let the hardship of the scars succumb me from my dreams.When you dream~ you imagine.When you imagine ~ you are hoping for a result to happen.I imagined leaving my scars behind- so I could have a better mentality to deal with society emotionally.I imagined becoming a writer, for the World to admire my talents.I was on my own again at the tender age of twenty-two, when my foster/adopted Mother put me out her house, for having sexual relations with her son.I became scared forever from a love affair I wasn’t supposed to be involved in.

Scars Left Behind, were not only physically on my body- but also in my Heart and Soul.The will power to become a Survivor is a Purpose, I have within my Calling.

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